Technology is fast changing and so is the fashion.

Fashion waits for none. It keeps on updating itself from to time. And keeping up with the latest trend is a need nowadays.

Your attire speaks about you. The clothes you wear, the style you carry, the trend you follow, everything is noticed by people. So, it becomes necessary to update yourself with the latest fashion and dress accordingly.

Many trends come and go. But some trends are such that they are still considered as evergreen. One of such trends is Hand Painted Clothing.

Hand painted clothing has become one of the latest fashion trends.

In hand painted clothing, the designs in clothes are made by the hands of skilled labor instead of using machines. This gives them a unique touch.

In this present world of modernization, Hand Painted clothing has made its significant place in fashion.

And to fulfill your desire of wearing Hand painted clothing, Kalaloom is here.

 At Kalaloom, we provide you the designs made by using fabric as a canvas to express emotions. Kalaloom has an expertise in creating wearable art.

Kalaloom offers a wide variety of hand painted apparels exclusively for women.





Hand painted products offered at Kalaloom:


  1. Shirts
  • Full Sleeves – Shirts
  • Half Sleeves – Short Shirts
  1. Shirt Dresses
  2. Co-ords
  3. Shoes


The hand painted dresses are designed in such a way which makes them different from normal machinery ones, making people giving attention to you.


Hand Painted Shirts- A Fashion Revolution

One of the most popular hand painted clothing is Shirts. Wearing a hand painted shirt gives you a good feel. It is unique and different from any other shirts because of its design.

Kalaloom offers you a wide variety of hand painted shirts at different ranges. And every shirt’s design is different in their own. You’ll find exquisite and alluring designs in each of the shirts at Kalaloom.

Our one of the best sellers is Chulbuli Hand Painted Shirt.

Shirts are available in full as well as half sleeves.


Why go for Hand Painted Clothing?

  1. It is unique and different from any other clothing.
  2. It’s inexpensive and affordable.
  3. It adds color and style to your wardrobe.
  4. The hand-made design makes you attract attention.
  5. It promotes local brand.


Your dressing represents your style and hand painted clothes can add value to your style. So, go for hand painted clothes and add art to your wardrobe.